Proven ways How Medical Marijuana helps Cancer Patients

Cancer is among one of the most feared medical conditions in the world, and rightfully so. Presently, there are no medically-established and proven cures for this disease. Many people have suffered and lost lives due to this disease. Research has been going on for years to try and find a cure, all to no avail. But, they found ways to help cancer patients lessen the discomfort they feel.

The use and benefits of medical marijuana progresses every year. The drugs are from the Cannabis Sativa plant. For years, there have been controversial views about cannabis. It was illegal in many countries. People even believed it had no positive health implications. Yet, several observations continue to show that cannabis can, in fact, help cancer patients in different ways.

In recent times, cannabis has been favorable in countries around the world. You can get medical over-the-counter marijuana prescriptions and people are even allowed to grow cannabis plants at home. If you’re interested in planting your own marijuana, you can use Cannabis Seeds that you can buy in our online shop.

How Marijuana Helps Cancer Patients?

There are several cannabinoids present in marijuana. The two potent components that play an essential role in medical research when it comes to this herb are cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

With these two active components, scientists have been able to help cancer patients manage some of the difficulties they face with their general well-being due to the disease. The following are some ways medical marijuana helps cancer patients.

1. Helps With Pain

Medical marijuana is often used to relieve chronic pain in patients. There is also substantial evidence that it works effectively. Reports from individuals who use CBD oil indicate that they experienced improvements in pain relief. CBD oil, unlike THC, does not give a “high.”
Thus, if you have reservations about trying out medical cannabis because of the infamous high, you will not have a problem with CBD oil. Patients with poor prognosis might suffer from chronic pain. And, there is also the torment from chemotherapy that cancer patients must endure.

CBD can help by blocking the pain signals to the brain, therefore easing the discomfort they feel. For those who don’t want to use opioids for pain can rely on cannabidiol.

2. Helps With Vomiting and Nausea

Nausea and vomiting are nothing new to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Many patients suffer from this uncomfortable side effect. Usually, they must go through this to see progress in their treatments. But, researchers report that when patients take THC and CBD, it suppresses the urge to throw up.

You can also take CBD alone, but it would be less effective. The cannabinoids react with the serotonin receptors present in your brain. Anandamide is what lessens an individual’s nausea or the urge to vomit. But when Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH) enzymes are present, it quickly breaks down anandamide.

So, THC, together with CBD, blocks the enzyme allowing anandamide to be accessible to the body.

3. Helps with Malnutrition

Loss of appetite and weight are other side effects that affect cancer patients. However, it might not be as excruciating as the pain or as uncomfortable as nausea. But, it also takes a toll on the individual. Patients need to stay healthy despite the disease to ensure to avoid other complications.

When tested on patients, many found that cannabis increased their appetite. Placebo is equally suitable for appetite loss in cancer patients. Thus, it is usually used interchangeably. Medical marijuana increases appetite and prevents patients from losing weight. This often happens from chemotherapy treatments.

Typically, when patients consume delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or CBD oil, it is more effective. Results are even more impressive with individuals who have HIV/AIDS.

4. Helps With Feelings of Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are not exactly new to cancer patients. Usually, after diagnosis, many think it’s the end of the world. Many lose hope, believing there is no future. for them. This mentality can take them spiraling down into depression and anxiety. But, researchers have found that medical marijuana caters to these ailments too.

Inhaling cannabis is the most effective way of using the drug to battle anxiety. Users often report they feel an improvement in their moods after a puff or two. Cannabinoids present in the marijuana trigger the serotonin receptors (the happy chemical).

The drug is often able to calm the nerves of the patients. It ensures that they relax whenever they experience negative thoughts.

5. Slows Growth in Cancer Cells

Several results from lab-grown cancer cells and other lab animals show recessive growth or, sometimes, even the death of the cells. But the human system is more complicated. Thus, the results are not always the same.

CBD especially shows a promising future for cancer patients. In various cancer types, scientists recorded that cannabidiol slowed the growth of cancer. Healthy cells were not affected. However, scientists are still experimenting to find out more about this. Many results show that CBD usually kills infected cells in a dose-dependent manner.


Medical marijuana has boosted the improvement rate in cancer patients. Many research results show that cannabinoids like THC and CBD help cancer patients endure side effects like nausea, vomiting, neuropathic pain, and other chronic pain caused by chemotherapy treatments.

It is vital to note that medical marijuana is not a miracle cure for cancer. Patients are to follow their procedures and take the appropriate medication religiously. But, THC and CBD could make life a little more comfortable.

There are no conclusive studies on the use of marijuana to treat cancer. However, there is still research underway.

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