Life Hacks for People Living with Epilepsy and Seizures

For people or their close connections living with epilepsy, it is more than just experiencing seizures. They often experience a variety of everyday obstacles that vary depending on the degree and type of the epileptic condition and may alter as the individual ages. The negative impacts on quality of life can be severe, affecting family and social connections, academic attainment, work possibilities, housing, and independence.

Participate in epilepsy-community-services

Family and community support are essential to help people with epilepsy. Having community services and programmes to ensure that they are personally centred to suit the requirements of the person with epilepsy is a great win for society overall. Besides, things to take into consideration are to make sure that the range of resources are available in the region; they are easily accessible; and extensively reviewed. Build connections with health care providers, notably epileptologists and epilepsy clinics and collaborate with them. Identify more such and spread best practices in the provision of epilepsy services, also tie-up with organisations and agencies focusing on other neurological and chronic illnesses or comparable service requirements.

However, achieving stability with epilepsy along with family and community is not as simple as it seems and in certain cases the facilities are unavailable. It takes a lot of trial and error to get to know yourself better and finally figure out what works best for you. This can be especially difficult in a fast-paced society or if you are an elderly person suffering from epilepsy. Fortunately, the contemporary era has brought with it many new benefits, such as several applications on the app store that will monitor your characteristics when it comes to epilepsy and seizures.

Use Epilepsy Apps

Some people suffer seizures that cause their bodies to twitch and tremble, while others lose consciousness. Most seizures show signs and symptoms that are the effects of stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, some drugs, certain foods, and strong lights may all cause them.You may notice that your seizures follow a pattern or occur more frequently in specific conditions. Record your symptoms and seizures in an epilepsy monitoring device such as Samsung or Apple smartphone or smartwatch or notebook. This is beneficial to share the information with a healthcare professional or epilepsy experts.

The app can be paired with your existing smartphone or smartwatch to enjoy the maximum benefits and stay secure.

Join an Epilepsy Community

The app store will help you find many communities that will connect you with other individuals who are interested in similar health-related issues or are in the same health position as you. When you join, you may include your medical conditions, including epilepsy, as well as other topics of interest. These are changeable at any time. By searching communities with keywords like “epilepsy” and “seizures,” appropriate groups for you to join are suggested. Joining a community allows you to ask questions, learn from others’ experiences, and receive emotional support. In addition, these apps suggest communities, information, people to engage with, and services.

There are many apps online but search for the one that is effectively in the best of your interest. Seizure tracker app is simple and easy to install on your smartphone and may be used right away. These apps are intended to assist you in managing epilepsy by recording seizures and their length, kind, probable causes, and a description of related symptoms.

You can look up for Inspyre app by SmartMonitor, it is designed with the objective of empowering persons with epilepsy. The app detects any abnormal motions and notifies the family members and caregivers through a text or a phone call. Further, it helps in seeking immediate intervention. This application allows you to record the episodic data of the number of times you had epilepsy, time, location, date and also your heart rate. Most important feature is that the information is easily accessible by your doctor to study your symptoms and help you provide value-based care. This leads to higher patient ratio satisfaction.

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