Interesting Birthday Party Ideas for your little Champs

Interesting Birthday Party Ideas for your little Champs

Planning a party for your kid is a very interesting thing and no one can stop mom from planning interesting and innovative things for the child. Planning the party needs a lot of planning as there are numerous things that you need to get and plenty of birthday ideas you have to select from. Kid’s birthday parties are definitely fun, if planned carefully. Let’s look at the tips how to add fun to a birthday party.


Plan the basics of the party correctly. This will make clear what you want and what you don’t? You have to decide on the theme, food items, games, guest list and clothes. When you are clear about these things, you know the number of things you need to arrange and buy. Sit with the child and decide what he expects on his birthday. Implement ideas that he likes and are practically possible. You may have to go out and pick a few party theme kits or party ideas kits.

The specifics of the party

There are a few specific questions that you should be clear on. How long the party will last and when the party will start? Where are you planning the party, in the house or a venue? Birthday party can be finished in a few hours and if your party is at a different venue, check the time availability of that place. Plan the time of the party, the younger the child, earlier time is better.

Theme and invitations

Once you have decided the theme for the birthday party, get the invitations made matching the theme. If the birthday theme is going to be Mickey Mouse and his friends, then the invitations can be similar to the theme. The children can hand over the invitation to the children in school or if the child is too young, then the invitation can be sent to the parents. If you know some parents very well, you can call them as a helping hand for monitoring and cleaning.


You need to visit the stores a day or two before the party as you will have to buy the decorations. You have to get the table clothes, toys, gifts and pinatas. Visiting a birthday party store can be a good option as it may have everything under the same roof.


Children love to play in the birthday party as there is a lot of other children along with them. If you are okay to spend some extra money, hire an entertainer who can look into the games. If you are the only one handling everything, then ask for help from your friends or relatives.

Interesting party favors

Do not give the children a bag of toys as party favors, as it is of no use. Personally made party favors by the kids can be a great idea. Hand printed t-shirts, mugs, masks and jewelry can play in the long run.


Cake is the timeless thing when it comes to a birthday party. You can bake a cake or order from outside. Cupcakes are very trendy and never go out of fashion. They are easy to bake and the ingredients are available anywhere. Along with cup cakes you can order some pizzas. Fruit cookies, pizzas, cup cakes and finger sandwiches can be a great combination. The birthday celebrations can be very interesting if the celebrations can be done in open. Make sure that if you have a helping hand or any parents to help, then carry some extra food for them also.

Party drinks

If the party is going to be for longer, then the kids can be welcomed with the drinks. Soda pops, lemonade and juices can be kept as they are healthy for kids. If the celebrations are in out, then some cool water bottles and soda cans are the ideal choice. Milk is a great combination along with cake. Carry cutlery that is safe for kids.

Leave taking

Take a note of every child when they leave. Personally check if they have taken all their things, their party favors and bid them farewell personally. Ask someone to accompany the child, if they are going alone. Do not let the child go with someone you do not recognize.

Set the games in advance, before the kids come. Proper planning can lead to a great party with a lot of fun. Do not forget to click some of the best pictures of all, along with the birthday boy or girl. So, pull your socks and get ready to celebrate the birth day party that will cherish the moments of your little one for years to come.

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