Indian Society Accounted by a Crucial Role of Women

Brigham Young Says, “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

B it women’s education or employment, family roles or personal roles; all of these have always established interrelations between themselves to attract the increasing attention during the past few years. Feminists have dispelled the long held notions and beliefs about the traditional nature of women and their functioning. Right from the complex relationships to the toughest job at work, women are capable of doing at all; not only doing it all, rather doing all of it very efficiently and flawlessly. Women are the pillars of success and growth of Indian society. Most of the remarkable tables were turned by women.

Even from the past and mythology, women were the strongest of all, both physically as well as emotionally. They had intelligence in similar levels to that of men. Women think differently and they have their own perspective. They have their own lifestyle statements and are independent to hold onto their notions. Women are the turning tables of the Indian Society. They have the capabilities of solving the complex of problem with the dynamic virtue of faith and strength.

Indian Women constitute almost 50% of the population. As per 1991 census, there were 40.6crores of females as against 43.7crores of males. Roughly, there are 929 women for every 1000 men. A man thinks of a woman as weak and frail by nature. She is delicate and shorter in comparison with a strongly built man. In the due course, the man tends to forget that a woman is meant to play so specific of her a nature a man is not capable of. The role that is being spoken here is the role of a mother that a man cannot play. Man is seemingly aggressive yet emotional; while on the other hand, a woman is receptive, calm and patient. She has the power to bear an enormous pain and has extra tolerance in comparison to a man. Her conviction and perseverance is strongest of all.

The place in India is not at all different. The women were glorified in puranas and epics, for rendering their service to their men. Initially, serving a father, secondly husband, and then serving her boy and grandchildren. Seeta, Savitri and Anusuya are glorified for their immaculate service. Post Independence, the Indian Constitution gave equal rights to both men and women in all the walks of life. Still, even till date one can get reluctant in stating that all the Indian women enjoy equal rights with men in all of the matters. There are numerous reasons for this. These reasons may be enlisted as traditional beliefs, fatalism, fake behavior, and personal pride or may be bunch of few more.

In spite of all these odds, no one could deny the fact that the condition of Indian women has undergone a lot of improvement. There are now sufficient facilities for educational for girls as well as women. Additional incentives and the reservations are being offered to encourage them to study. Also, the employment supports special incentives for women.

As per the current scenario, we find women working at most of the prestigious positions like I.A.S., I.P.S. and Indian Air Force. Even in the politics, women have covered all the realms of the Indian Constitution and the society. We find women taking up jobs right from the auto rickshaw drivers to eth greatest entrepreneurs. In the Parliament, there are 1/3rd of the seats reserved for women.

The Year 1995 was declared as the Women’s Year throughout the world and so in India too. There has been a spectacular growth in the development after the participation of women. Each and every women has similar traits but with different beliefs. This is the very thing that promotes the growth. This is so, because all the women hold same beliefs with different perspectives. And, for the progress, this is all that is needed. Difference might take you down but similarities in thoughts will help you grow in abundance.

The role of Women in the Indian Society is incredible. They look smart and young, but their smartness and youngness needs to be better appreciated and not taken for granted. A vulnerable woman is the biggest at retaliation. Never underestimate the power in a women, instead support her, lover her and help her grow. This will make her play even the stronger and better role for the betterment of the society.

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