Know the Importance of Yoga and guided Meditation

Know the Importance of Yoga and guided Meditation

Yoga is an ancient practice to live healthy & stress-free life. Yoga is basically 3 types physical, mental & spiritual. Physical yoga’s are basically Asanas or body exercises. Mental yoga’s are the practices to keep control on brain thinking & threads. Spiritual yoga’s are more favor to divine or super power. In this session let us discuss more about the Importance of Yoga and guided Meditation.

Importance of Yoga

In our old age using the power of yoga many experts was did many impossible tasks. Let us talk about Swami Vivekananda, in the early age of Vivekananda he found his mother was getting problems to visit river daily for her bath. The river resides 1 km far away from the residency of Vivekananda. Swami did few meditation & with in a short duration river changed his path to flow more nearer to Swami’s Vivekananda’s residency.

Anyway Yoga helps a lot in life to balance. Few times when we are loaded with heavy stress, Yoga & Meditation help great to relief & live cool. Many diseases can be cured using regular practice of many yoga’s. The term yoga derived from two roots, Yujir Yoga (to Yoke) or Yuj Samadhau (to concentrate). Yoga became popular as a system of physical exercise across the Western world.

Types of Yoga

In Bhagavad Gita lord Krishna discussed about Yoga. From Bhagavad Gita here I introduce 3 prominent types of yoga’s.

  • Karma Yoga (The yoga of action).
  • Bhakti Yoga (The yoga of devotion).
  • Jnana Yoga (The yoga of Knowledge).

In the Chapter 2 of Bhagavad Gita lord Krishna told Parth about the presence & essence of yoga’s. In simple word yoga’s and meditation’s are the medium using those we can achieve any fortune.

Hindu Guru Sankaracharya

Yoga believes on soul. Many dedicated yogi’s know how to transfer the soul from body to body. In this behalf I have an example of hindu guru Sankaracharya. As you know he is balabrahmachari. Once in a competition he got the question to tell about Family & Society. Wisely Acharya asked 7 days to replay this. In between the king of that area get die. Acharya understood this is best way to learn about Family & Society. With the security of his students Archary left his body and entered his soul to the king. Many one get surprised. But slowly they started to ignore this. Acharya reside in-side the king for 7 days and back with the answer for his competitor.


In Hindu culture you may hear the term “Telepathy”. Yes this is true. It can be done using yoga’s & meditation’s. Telepathy using the power of concentration to communicate internally like sender & receiver logic. In ancient age yogi’s are doing this to discuss among each others.

Divya Drusti

Here I am discussing one more lesson to yoga. Lets talk about “Divya Drusti”. It is true & it can be achieved using yoga’s & meditation’s. It is a time taking job but it improves your vision to such a extended that you can even know the story what will happen after 100 years. The early version of wide vision comes nearly at the age after 65 to 70.

Suryanadi and Chandranadi

Many yoga’s are also very useful for health care. Here let you know the basic one. The time you are breathing from two whole of nasal system, one side is taking more oxygen and the other one is less. In Hindu Veda the right nasal whole is known as “Suryanadi” and the left one is called “Chandranadi”. This effects you many day to day activities. In simple if your breathing is in Suryanadi and you eat any heavy food you don’t need worry about digestion problems. You take a bath in new place with changing water and that time your breathing is in Suryanadi. Don’t worry you will not get cold fever. Like the same Chandranadi has many affects on your life. Yoga effects from sex to sleep.

Kundalini Sadhna

The latest yoga is called “Kundalini Sadhna”. It has 7 chakra’s to activate. It is long & time consuming job. Rudra is famous for this yoga. Without Rudra’s help it is not possible to achieve this.