How to assemble a Desktop Computer?

Now a day Computer is a very common home accessory. From children to parents every one wants to share their time with personal computer. Branded computers are costly. Many one prefers to work in an assemble computer. Assembling a personal computer can provide us better quality with less cost. In this session let us know how to assemble a personal computer.

Before you plan to assemble a computer think once the purpose of use. According to your required configuration list out the devices. To assemble a computer you need Monitor, Cabinet (ATX), SMPS, Mainboard, Processor, Keyboard, Mouse, CD-ROM, Harddisk & Speakers.

Let us start from Cabinet. Open the cabinet. Keep all screws in a plate. Fit SMPS well. Mount the CPU in the socket of mainboard. Use thermal paste before fitting the CPU fan. Thermal paste helps to transfer excess heats. By referring setup guide connect CPU cooler to mainboard. Add RAM to the corresponding slots. By default mainboard provides 2 slots for Random Access Memory. Now your mainboard is ready to fit inside cabinet. Fit it well & connect the power supply cord from SMPS. Mount the Harddisk & CD-ROM. Connect this to mainboard. About power supply, HDD LED, Reset junction & power LED refer the mainboard setup guide.

Plugin the power supply & before close the CPU cabinet test once is everything’s going ok or not. If all things are ok. Then close the CPU cabinet. Using BIOS setup to set booting mode from CD-ROM. Use some user friendly operating system to install. With this your personal Computer is ready.