Home Remedies to relief from Stomach Gas problem

Home Remedies to relief from Stomach Gas problem

Stomach Gas is a common problem to many young generations. This is one kind of stomach problem. Stomach Gas problem occurs due to irregular diet plan. Many times due to busy working hours we ignore our regular diet time. In the result one kind of acid formed inside our empty stomach. Regular disorder in diet plan help this acid to injure our stomach anatomy. In the long run this converts to Gastric problem. Gastric is painful. It causes stomach pain & headache. If you found you have Gastric don’t worry it is curable. There are some basic steps using which you can prevent yourself from Stomach Gas problem.

Don’t keep your Stomach empty

In Stomach Gas first thing you need to conscious is don’t keep your stomach empty. In case you found empty stomach & you are a hour far away from your meal time. Drink sufficient water. Empty stomach is the primary cause to Stomach Gas problem. Eat light but more frequently. Generally in our busy life we do Lunch & Dinner. Practice to divided this two times into 5 to 6 times a day.

Eat on Time

How much busy you are this is not matters. What ever we do we do for good health & better diet. Eat on time. Before leaving towards office do tiffin. Don’t drink tea or coffee in empty stomach. Do your lunch in regular time. In the evening take some hygienic snacks. With your good night sleep never sleep in empty stomach. It is harmful for Stomach Gas patients.

Stop you from irritating foods

Eat healthy & light foods. Stop yourself from irritating foods. Prefer to eat at home. Avoid to eat outside. If you are in a party time don’t consume more irritating foods. Irritating foods are like the enzymes to Stomach Gas problem.

Keep Antacid with you

Stomach Gas can happen at any time. If you are a Stomach Gas patient keep Antacid with you at your home & office. In case you found stomach pain eat antacid. If you don’t have antacid drink lemon water with medium salt. It helps to digest faster then the normal.

Prevent you from Alcohol & Nicotine

If you have bad habits like Chewing of Tobacco, Smoking or Drinking. Stop this. Saliva helps to digest foods inside our stomach. By chewing tobacco we lost Saliva by through it outside. Smoke rare. Be a occasional drinker (Generally in party time) don’t drink regularly. In high priority avoid alcohol in empty stomach.

Chew well before intake

Eat cool. Chew well before you eat the food. It helps for better digestion. Drink sufficient water after your meal. Cut down on your consumption of sodas & fruit juices. These drinks generates gas in stomach.