Health & Fitness information for busy Business Women’s

Health & Fitness information for busy Business Women's

You know how busy a woman is. Whether she is a house wife or an employee she is always busy. By taking care of others in 90% case she forgot to take care of her. While she is a key to our family. If she is healthy she will keep us healthy. It is our responsibility to take care of her. Only lunch & dinner is not sufficient for a woman. To stay young & strong women need to improve their regular diets. Including diets a woman need to focus Exercise & sufficient rest. In this session let us discuss few Fitness Tips for Women.

Eat Healthy

Diet control is the best medicine for women. Using diet control you can prevent your-self from many disease & weakness. Hygienic diets prevents us from early anti-aging problem. Including your regular diets you need to eat several other foods. To strong your bones give priority to eat calcium rich foods. Few of the calcium rich foods are beans, Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli & collard greens. Like calcium iron is one more essential vitamin for women. Iron helps to keep you strong & fresh during menstruation. Few of the iron rich foods are red meat, lentils, spinach, almonds, and dark poultry. Women horlicks is the best health drinking for women it helps to strong women bone. After 30 women horlicks help like a health drink. Before into bed at night take a glass of milk with 3 to 5 spoons women horlicks. Focus to add variety of whole grains to your regular diet. Eat more fruits & vegetables. Drink sufficient water, Stay hydrate.

In your normal living plan your diets properly. Don’t ignore morning breakfast. Eat light weight foods in your breakfast. You can go for 2 boiled eggs & 4 piece breads or you can have breads & jam. Monthly 2 to 3 times eat fruits salad. In afternoon do your regular lunch. Evening in between 4 to 6 eat some snacks. Don’t keep your stomach empty. In case empty stomach create gastric like problems in women. At night eat before 11 o clock. Drink a glass of milk before sleep.

Sleep Healthy

Rest is an essential part for healthy women. Whole the day a woman works to serve us better. Due to busy family life generally she sleep at late night. If time permits sleep at afternoon. For a healthy life style a woman need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. To improve your quality sleep read our revision “How to sleep healthy?”.

Care your-self to You

Women is like a flower. Learn to care your-self to You. During your menstruation period use pads in place of normal cotton. If you are getting pain in abdominal area consult a doctor & take medicine. During pregnancy work less & take sufficient rest. Don’t take stress or unwanted pressures. Maintain good relationship with your husband & family members.

Work Wise

Physical exercise is good for health. But for few home works like cleaning & washing its wise to choose a servant women. Avoid to work hard. Work smart. In your house work take care of your kids, do kitchen & personal care of you husband.

Keep you Entertain

Entertainment brings happiness to us. Keep you entertain. Watch TV & Listen Radio. If you are an internet user read more on women. Do on-line shopping. Gift you husband.

Visit outdoor

Normally women resides at their home only. Quarterly plan for a family picnic. Rotate some new place. It brings unexpected happiness to woman & family. Celebrate rich party time with friends & family. Join some yoga or social networking center. If you have opportunity involve you in social works. Social activities helps women to stay stress free.

Do Exercise

For better health of women I can suggest you to join a GYM today. In GYM you will get perfect guide to maintain your shape. Tips from a GYM will help you to stay more healthy. Practice to workout everyday. Drink Green Tea. In a regular basis do exercise for minimum 45 minutes a day. Start morning work. Its a health habit to women.

Share time with Friends

Human is a social animal. Women loves to gossipy. Know your neighbors, keep good relationship with them. Play games like Playing card, Ludo or Chess with them. Sharing time with friends brings ultimate happiness to stay fresh & active. In place of afternoon sleep prefer to play with your friends.

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