Natural Hair Care Home Remedies for any age of Women

Natural Hair Care Home Remedies for any age of Women

A woman looks more beautiful with her naughty hairs. Hair care is a lesson for women. Every women has a dream to achieve healthy & growing hairs. Traditional women prefer to keep long & shiny hair. In our young age we invest plenty of time to decorate our hairs. Hair fall, Dandruff & low hair density are few of the common problems to many young women. It is important for every woman to take care of her hairs. Hair makes women beautiful. To care your beautiful hairs in this session let us share Natural Hair Care Home Remedies.

Keep Hairs & Scalp area Clean

Keep your hair & scalp area always clean. During bath avoid to use general soap. Use quality shampoo which is so mild with low pH. After shampoo wash your hairs well. Then gently massage coconut oil & wash again. Don’t comb the wet hairs. Wet hairs can easily damaged compare to dry hairs.

Warm Oil Massage

3 times a week massage warm coconut or almond oil to your hair & scalp area. After massage using a vaporizer supply steam to your scalp area for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash your hairs clean. Take one lemon juice & massage this to your hairs. Lemon juice help to gain shining hairs.

Coconut oil with Camphor

If you have dandruff problem use coconut oil with camphor. Camphor helps to increase blood flow in Scalp areas. Including dandruff removal camphor helps in hair growth. An another formula to remove dandruff is massage diluted lemon juice to your scalp areas.

Hair Care Home Remedies for Hair Growth

For better hair growth use castor oil. Weekly once take some hibiscus flowers, coconut oil & water. Boil this well. Filter this and use to wash your hairs. In place of your day to day hair oil use the equal mixer of almond, coconut, castor, olive & lavender oils.

Avoid Chemicals

Avoid chemicals for your hairs. Don’t do hair bleaching. In place of hair colors choose natural mehendi.

Add Proteins rich Foods

Our hairs made of with proteins. To maintain healthy & shining hairs eat more vegetables, cereals & foods rich with iron, calcium & silica.

Solution for Shining Hair

If you are looking for more healthy & shining hairs. Once a week wash your hair with tea. Apply mixer of an egg white, castor oil & glycerin in your scalp areas. Mix a little vinegar with warm water and wash your hairs with this.

Eggs Yolks

Yellow portion of an egg is very effective for best hair care. Take 2 eggs yolks, 1 spoon olive oil & 3 to 4 drops of vitamin E. Mix this well. Using a brush slowly massage this mixer to your hair & scalp areas. Keep it for 15 minutes. Then wash it well.