Get Marijuana Delivered the Legal Way and What’s more Get a Discount Too

We may complain about the drawbacks of modern life where everyone depends on the internet or internet-connected devices. However, one thing that we can all be grateful for is at-home delivery services.

Whether it is having food delivered to satisfy your midnight craving or getting your phone charger delivered to your office – They are so much more convenient and time-saving!

However, did you know that apart from these regular items, you can also get marijuana delivered right at your doorsteps? Yes! That’s true. Read on to know more about getting marijuana delivered the legal way.

Identify Whether Marijuana is Legal in Your State

Naturally, if you want to get weed delivered legally to you, you need to know whether it is legal in your state. For this purpose, a master list is ready for your reference.

States where cannabis delivery and recreational marijuana is fully legal:

California, Oregon, Maine, Nevada, Massachusetts, Michigan, Alaska, Colorado, District of Columbia, Illinois, Vermont and Washington

States where only medical marijuana is permitted and is decriminalized:

Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio and Rhode Island

States where only medical marijuana is permitted, but recreational weed is not decriminalized:

Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia (CBD Oil only), Indiana (CBD Oil only), Iowa (CBD Oil only), Louisana, Montana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas (CBD Oil only), Utah, Virginia (CBD Oil only) and West Virginia

Didn’t find your state in any of these lists? Unfortunately, that means that marijuana is entirely illegal there.

Find a weed Delivery Service Provider

Now that you know whether weed delivery services are available in your state, it is time to find your supplier. In this case, the choice purely depends on your preference. Are you looking for a speedy delivery? Or low prices? Do you seek elite products?

Before you start scrolling through the internet, you need to understand the types of marijuana delivery services. Typically, the commonest types of weed delivery services include:

On-demand – Think of this as an on-call Pizza delivery, where you instantly get your marijuana at your doorsteps in almost no time. The selection is comparatively smaller, but the instant gratification that comes with such a purchase is worth everything.

Scheduled – Scheduled delivery is like your typical online shopping experience. You choose what you like and have it delivered the same-day, next-day, or any other day in the near future. These stores have a greater variety and even come with sweet deals.

Box of the Month or Subscription – You may have heard of the wine clubs that deliver exotic picks every month. Now imagine that scenario, but with weed! Naturally, these subscriptions are at the higher end of the expense spectrum, but they can meet your exquisite tastes.

Membership clubs – If you want a bang for your buck, then you could consider membership clubs that offer you the good stuff at rock bottom prices.

Now that you have a broad understanding of the delivery types, you can make your pick depending on their pricing, operating hours, delivery schedules, minimum order requirements, serviceability, selection menu, and customer service.

Choose the Products you need

Marijuana delivery providers offer a wide array of products and brands to satisfy the requirements of their customers. While most weed veterans are well-versed with the selection and name brands, it can get confusing for those who are newly starting.

So, what do you choose? Here’s a quick guide on the various products:

Flower – You can enjoy the marijuana flower by smoking it in a glass pipe, rolling it into a blunt or a joint, or in a bong. These flowers are available in several strains and genotypes, which grants their unique characteristics. The most common types of marijuana flowers are Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid.

Extracts – Marijuana extracts encompass a range of products from CBD oil, wax, kief, hash, shatter, etc. These are mostly concentrated forms of the active compounds that can be dabbed, infused in edibles, and vaporized.

Edibles and Beverages – From the classic brownies to frozen pizza – combine your love for food with cannabinoids like THC to elevate its flavors.

Topicals – If you wish to absorb marijuana through your skin, CBD-infused lotions, patches, balms, and massage oils are readily available too.

What Documents do you Need?

Once you have placed the order, now comes the waiting bit until the delivery takes place. Utilize this time to get your documents in order. Purchasing marijuana online is just like buying alcohol.

All you need is proof of age that you are 21 years old or older. For this purpose, any Government-issued document such as a valid driver’s license or a state photo ID counts. If you are ordering medical marijuana, you need to carry a doctor’s prescription that you will have to show at delivery.

Tips on Bagging a Good Deal on Marijuana Delivery

Given below are some great tips on getting a good deal on marijuana delivery:

  • It may sound like a no-brainer, but researching before you place your order or gearing up for a big sale can pay off. Once you’re prepared, you will bypass the time spent on browsing through products and can quickly build your cart and make the payment (which means lesser chances of good deals going out of stock).
  • Search the internet for any offers or discount codes before making a purchase. It’s as easy as Googling “Eaze coupon code,” and there you’ll have it!
  • If you have enough stock, wait until any big sale event such as Christmas sale to make your purchase.
  • Once you have purchased from a marijuana delivery provider, you may sign up for their newsletter to get updates on any upcoming events.
  • If possible, beat the delivery rush by opting for pickup to get your hands on a great deal.

Final Thoughts

Do keep in mind that the legal delivery of marijuana is tied to your home address. So do not expect the service providers to drop-off your buds at a local park or parking lot.

Further, delivery to a hotel, motel, or non-residential address may not be possible everywhere as it depends on your local and state rules.

Do proper research about delivery services and have all your documents in proper order. With this, you can sit back, relax, and blaze up while remaining at home!

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