Lesser known Facts about Cannabis Dabbing and How It Works?

The word ‘dab’ often conjures up the image of the viral dance move that finds its origin in the Atlanta rap scene. However, dabbing takes a whole different meaning in the marijuana culture. As popular as the dance move is, the phenomenon associated with cannabis has its own unique form of popularity. In this post, we will explore what is Dabbing, how it works, its advantages and disadvantages, and these neat facts about Facts about Cannabis Dabbing.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing refers to the process of consuming a dab for a high. “Now, what’s a dab?” you may ask.

Dab also know as honeycomb, wax, amber, budder or shatter, is a concentrated form of Butane Hash Oil (BHO). BHO contains high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the primary psychoactive compound present in marijuana.

Studies indicate that dabs contain about 80% concentration of THC as compared to the 10 to 15% present in traditional cannabis. Thus, a single dab is about four times more potent than a joint. Furthermore, those who dab will experience a sudden high as opposed to the gradual build-up that may take place through other forms of marijuana consumption.

A dab is produced by chemically treating cannabis with butane oil to extract THC. The extraction process involves the pouring of butane over marijuana, which causes the THC to dissolve into the oil. The resultant product is a gummy, semi-solid substance that is loaded with THC.

How it Works?

Dabbing requires an instrument known as the “oil rig,” which is a specially designed glass bong. The dab is placed on the attachment called the nail and is heated to extremely high temperatures, which thereby produces vapors that are inhaled through the dab rig. Since dabs are ingested through inhalation, they produce immediate effects.

Some people place hash oil in vaping instruments to dab. This form of dabbing works out conveniently for them as it is inconspicuous due to no smell or smoke.

Possible Risks of Dabbing

Dabbing comes with its fair share of risks, some of which include:

Dangers of Extraction – You can’t simply dial up your guy for weed delivery Santa Cruz to give you some dab. Dabs are mostly produced by the user, and the production risk is comparable to a meth lab.

The primary danger involved corresponds to making hash oil by blasting butane through marijuana. Butane is highly flammable and extremely unstable. Thus, it is vital to maintain temperature to avoid any mishaps.

Even after you have created your dab, the excess butane that is present as gas can also put you in danger. Even a single spark can result in a massive explosion!

Dabbing is More Dangerous – Several users believe that dabbing is safer than smoking, which makes it all the riskier. Given that dabs are more potent that joints, they also result in higher tolerance and stronger withdrawal symptoms. Due to the extremely high temperatures involved, dabbing releases an elevated level of toxins, which also includes carcinogens.

Harmful Side Effects – Dabbing not only gives you an instant high but also brings with it an array of side effects. These side effects range from palpitations to blackouts to hallucinations.

As stated earlier, dabbing also releases toxins, irritants, and carcinogens. Furthermore, its potency is compounded by the lack of control in maintaining nail temperature. As a result, users end up consuming contaminated smoke.

Dab Abuse – Much like any addictive substance, dabbing from a young age can hamper with the brain’s development and could even result in psychosis. Weed is addictive in nature, and the problem compounds as the individual continues to abuse. Once they build up a tolerance, they will experience intense withdrawal that can manifest in the form of tremors, mood fluctuations, insomnia and depression.

Benefits of Dabbing

One can truly enjoy the benefits of dabbing only after being one-hundred percent sure that they are using pure and clean stuff. Some of the benefits of dabbing are listed below:

  • One of the most well-known advantages of dabbing relates to its potency and the time required to experience a high. Those suffering from chronic pain or nausea will appreciate the instant relief offered by dabbing.
  • Secondly, using pure and clean product ensures that it is easier on your lungs as you do not have to inhale burnt or charred material.
  • Third, the novelty of dabbing can come handy is spurring several scientific and technological developments in this field of cannabis consumption.

Mindblowing Facts About Dabbing

Before you make plans for marijuana delivery Marin, here are some awesome facts about dabbing that you must know about:

  • Several individuals call dabbing “pot on steroids” or “crack of pot” due to its mind-shattering high that it offers.
  • Dabs not only hit hard, but they also hit several times, which can change your tolerance and make it difficult for you to get high at small doses.
  • Understanding the difficulty of elevating the temperatures at the nail, several manufacturers have introduced eNails, which bypass the handling of heat sources.
  • For optimum flavor, you need to heat your dab to a temperature between 600 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Not being careful while dabbing could cause you long-term trauma and severe side effects.
  • Dabs are also known as 710, which, when flipped over, reads “OIL.”
  • The dab dance is fairly popular in Japanese anime and manga, with appearances in Dragon Ball Z, Super Sentai, and Naruto, amongst others.
  • Dabbing (the dance move) is illegal in Saudi Arabia as the National Committee for Drug Control believes that it alludes to the marijuana culture.

Final Thoughts

Dabbing may be the new marijuana craze. However, when carried out imperfectly, it can result in grievous injuries, physical side effects, and withdrawal issues. Do bear in mind that there is still a lot that needs to be known about dabbing and how it affects the human body and mind in the long run. While cannabis overdose may not kill you, dabbing is potent enough to mess you up.

On the other hand, dabbing with the utmost care and premium products can grant the user a memorable experience.

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