How to use Facebook for Business to drive free Visitors?

How to use Facebook for Business to drive free Visitors?

Getting visitors in web is a fun today. There are various of agencies persists in web from where you can easily purchase as much as visitors you want. Let’s talk about the popular on-line market complex Fiverr. Here in only 5 dollars you can purchase more than 30,000 or 50,000 real human visitors. Here matter comes about leads. Before proceed further let me clarify what is the difference between a lead and normal visitor. Assume that in your blog you have a brilliant topic about “Diet plan for Diabetes patients“. In this case if a normal visitor (not a Diabetes patient) will open this link there is very less chance that he/she will share much time on the same. But if a Diabetes patient will open the same he/she will read your guidelines. Here Diabetes patient is a lead. Compare to normal visitors Leads generates more sale & reduces bounce rate. As you know today Facebook is the most popular Social Networking site. Millions of visitors are rotating in Facebook. To grow your business would like to suggest use Facebook for Business.

I know as a blog owner of course you want to watch more leads in your portal. In the world of blogging leads are considered as quality visitors. So now its on you which category of visitors you will prefer for your blog. To make your journey easier in this session let me share few tricks using which you can drive free visitors from Facebook without investing a single penny.

Expand your Social Network

As you know Facebook is one of the most popular Social Networking site on the Globe. More than millions of users visits Facebook every day. To drive visitors from Facebook first Create your account with Facebook. Then Create your Business page. Once you are done with the above in next stage expand your network. I mean follow your friends & their followers. As many person’s you will add to your network there is more possibility of getting visitors. To expand your network you can add your friends starting from School age to Colleagues.

Import Contacts

Facebook provides the facility to import contact details from your mail account. Of-course in your mail account you have many old contacts. Facebook import contact facility helps you to locate those contacts in Facebook. This activity help to gain more fans with less number of time. Using this facility your can get massive permanent followers to your Business page.

Share your Posts regularly

Once you are Successfully able to Setup you Business page share interesting posts regularly. This is a good practice to gain more visitors from Facebook. While sharing a link use images. It was observed compare to a link image based posts drives more visitors from Facebook. Facebook supports video marketing. While sharing a link in place of an image it is much better if you are using Video. Here to upload a video you can use YouTube.

Generate backlinks for your Business page

As you know more backlinks gives better rank. To rank your Facebook page in Search engines generate backlinks for you Facebook page. Share your Facebook page URL to other Social Networking sites like Twitter or Google plus. Do bookmark your Facebook page URL to popular Social Bookmarking Sites. While reading others blog if there is a Facebook like button then like the page. In this way your Facebook URL will receive quality backlinks.

Create Public Groups

In Facebook using Public Groups you can drive targeted visitors to your blog. Let’s talk about a domain where you have various releases related to Pregnancy tips. In this scenario Create a public group with the title “Pregnancy Tips”. While a pregnant women will Search related keywords in Facebook there is maximum possibility that she will get your group. If she likes your Contents she may be a permanent Customer to you. In weekly basic check your group to know is there any pending request to join. If so approve that. Initially while adding members to the group select targeted audiences. To keep your group Customer specific in setting panel block the normal posts by the users. Always publish members posts if this is suitable to your Group Category.

While Sharing a post use Tagging Feature

During you share a post take the benefits of tagging feature in Facebook. While tagging select target audiences. Identifying target audiences may take your valuable time but it brings leads to the Business.

Ask others to Like you page

What do you mean about a Facebook like? It says those who like your page he/she will receive updates. To gain more like you can share your Facebook link in various Public Groups. If instantly you want to increase your Facebook likes you can purchase like from SEO Companies. For an example check in Fiver there are many SEO experts sharing thousand likes for only 5 dollars. More like means more audience. An another way to increase Facebook like is share Facebook widget in your blog. While a visitor will read your blog if he/she will like your portal he/she can like you in Facebook. In this way you can win more Facebook likes.

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