Different Providers of WordPress Hosting

Managed hosting of WordPress was introduced due to several WordPress sites and the hosting companies were responsible for the process. These were inclusive of small bloggers as well as the ones those who look for large businesses. The requirement of both the genres remained same though; support and security. They wished to have an expertise from the hosts that was dedicated to WordPress alone. Even though the costing of managed hosting was extra, several site owners agreed to its worth. Usually, strong customers are in the support of nightly backups, plug in updates and automatic core being the base of managed hosts of WordPress.

WordPress has now become a very well known source of expressing through words for many merchants as well as customers. Even the amateurs are a part of this source to express their views, stories and feel regarding various things like products, services, experiences and etc. The bloggers of this web site are multifarious and belong to different backgrounds of culture and career. Yet, all of the WordPress users demand the same experience of high quality, managed pages, user-friendly access and attractive themes. These demands are an outcome of the WordPress own individuality that deals with the art of writing. People have grown quite selective and confident enough to shove off the traditional and conventional norms of the computers and internet unlike the times before. The initial evolvement of site had gained loads of applause’s due to its one-of-its-kind features and displays.

The four majorly managed hosting providers of the WordPress sites are as mentioned below:


The original managed host of the WordPress was the Pagely. It was introduced in 2006. A team of husband and wife of Sally Strebel and Joshua held this host. Since then, Pagely is active in the community of WordPress. It hosts the Word Press conference for annual Press Nomics. This host is well in itself due to its automatic update feature which allows the user to have the best of experience without dedicating much of the time and efforts.


Lower pricing in comparison with other managed hosts by different hosting companies Automatic updates for core and plug in 14-day retention for nightly backups.


Per-site basis pricing
More expensive
Monthly bandwidth is limited.

WP Engine

Many prominent members extend quite a strong support to WP Engine. The supporters belong to the development community of WordPress. This led to the investment in WP Engine by the WordPress hosting leveraging its additional credibility. It is one of the hosting companies with much of added recognition. In case of the data loss, this host provides the safe operation and process to retain your data within the stipulated time which makes it yet another highly rated host.


Guaranteed security
1 – click staging area and points for backup and restore
International data centers.


Extra fees on Content delivery network
Features for personal plan are limited with no SSL security
Specific plug in needs limits Plug in blacklist


The owners of Scribe SEO, Copy Blogger and Genesis, Copy Blogger Media recognized an opportunity which was an outcome of their personal experience of running a website which had 2.5 million visitors every month. So, they decided to build the managed host, Synthesis. In comparison with the hosts of other hosting companies, Synthesis has the similar features except for a built-in site support on the renowned theme framework of the Genesis Word Press. This host is well-off in its own way because of its additional features and economical commitments.


Extra built-in SEO features.
Every account has Scribe Content Marketing software
30-day money back guarantee.


Starter package has less storage.
Monthly bandwidth is limited.
Starter package requires extra SSL security Costs.

Pressable (Formerly ZippyKid)

Initially known as the ZippyKid, now Pressable is the name to avoid the confusion between the enterprise clients. The hosting companies propose that the name is quite scalable on WordPress and is a part of re-branding with additional features for administrators and developers. Without any hidden costs involved, this host has gained a lot of popularity among the users.


Premium content delivery plans and no additional network cost.
Google Speed Partnership
IP addresses no additional cost


Less page view limits per month
Additional $10 every month and support cost by SSL security
No plans of including migration assistance