Causes of body Aches and How to Relax from this?

Causes of body Aches and How to Relax from this?

There are a couple of viruses that become causes body aches, even though infection which has been caused by a virus sometimes results in either high or slight fever. It is important for you to deal with those viruses because if you suffer from a viral condition, you have to consult your physician.

Seasonal Sickness

During the cold season, the flu which has been caused by viruses generally suffers more people, but it can happen any time. There are a couple of kinds of viruses that will cause flu and a couple of symptoms which are similar to the flu. Meanwhile, it is hard for you to determine if you have flu which is based on mere symptoms. You just have to make sure that you consult your doctor and ask for a test. There are a couple of symptoms that have commonly happened for seasonal sickness such as having itchy eyes or nose, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. Body aches can also have occurred even though they are not commonly happened. A viral infection is not the cause of these symptoms but it is caused by the allergic reaction. As a couple of symptoms are very similar, it is difficult to determine the difference between them. It is important for you to know how to difference between an allergy and a cold.

Afebrile Influenza

For those of you who are suffering from influenza virus, it is difficult for you to determine it. Meanwhile, most people got a severe or mild fever when they experience flu. When you got a flu, there are a couple of symptoms that are showed immediately. The infection starts very fast, and you will not see it coming. You will experience sick and sore all over your body such as arms, legs, and back. You will also get the dry cough which does not come with phlegm. You will feel weakened and fatigued all over your body which makes you difficult to get up from your bed. Diarrhea and vomiting can also happen but usually, happen to kids. A headache and sore throat is also a couple of other symptoms that you will feel.


There are a couple of viruses that are causing colds. Once your body has been attacked by a cold virus, it will be confronted immediately by the immune system response. And a couple of outcomes of this reaction of the immune system are the standard cold symptoms such as body aches, nasal congestion, sneezing and coughing.


However, the hypersensitive immune system is causing an allergy. It means that your body has the overactive immune response. When it strikes your body, a chemical named histamine will be automatically discharged from your body, but the same cold symptoms will be caused by it. It is difficult for you to identify an allergy from a cold. Meanwhile, the huge difference between an allergy and cold is that allergies are not contagious while colds are not. And also allergies can last for a long time period while cold can only last for a couple of days into a couple of weeks. You will be helped by knowing these differences in order to control these symptoms. An allergy test can be performed in order to identify whether it is allergy or cold. It is important for you to consult your healthcare provider when body aches to happen so that you will know the real cause.

Upper Respiratory Infections, Rhinovirus, or Colds

A couple of people can have a couple of other ailments that have been blended with the flu because they have the similar symptoms. Rhinovirus is the most common virus that causes infections which are infecting many people. It is the main reason why many people got cold. There are a couple of kinds of rhinoviruses which affect many people and there is the difference when talking about cell surface receptor. These viruses are the smallest viruses. The size of them is about ten times smaller than smallpox virus and VACV. There are a couple of indicators of rhinovirus such as sneezing, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, and rhinitis. Not only that, appetite loss, headaches, and muscle pains are also the indicators. If you got these symptoms, you have to consult your doctor.

How to Treat Body Aches?

When you got body aches, it is normal when you want to feel better. It takes a couple of times in order to treat these diseases. A couple of common symptoms of colds, sinus infections, and flu can be treated by using a couple of simple self-care and medications.


Acetaminophen is the kind of drug which comes with an ingredient that will impact a couple of places of your brain that manage the pain and temperature of your body. Body aches; soothe sore throats, ease headaches, and chills and fevers can be fought by these medications. It is better for you to consult your doctor before you take this drug for those of you who have liver or kidney disease. There are a couple of cold medicines that have acetaminophen. You have to read the labels before you take it.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs include naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin. Every drug is different, but if you take it, pain and fevers can be reduced. At reducing fever, NSAIDs work well than acetaminophen. This drug is a perfect option in order to relieve sinus pain. Before you use NSAIDs, you have to consult your doctor if you experience kidney disease, liver, heart, or stomach problems. It is never allowed for you to give aspirin to your kids because it will cause serious problems which are named syndrome of Reye. It is not recommended for you to take more than one kind of NSAID. Because the pain can be controlled by acetaminophen and ibuprofen differently, it is not a problem for you use both of the drugs on a similar day, but it is well recommended for you to consult your doctor first. Many people prefer taking one medication instead of two or three medications on the same day.