Caring for a Newborn after Delivery – Mom’s to Know

Caring for a Newborn after Delivery - Mom's to Know

Every mother loves her newborn baby more then she dream. In the first look itself she started planning for hygienic celebrations. To take care a newborn baby is not so easy as we are thinking. Basically for first child care is a matter to learn. Newborn baby is like a flower. We need to more consensus about his/her care. Several viruses are their with open air those can easily affect the newborn baby. In-case of newborn baby preventives are better then the cure. In this regard here with I am sharing some tips about Caring for a Newborn. Hope these tips will help you to keep your baby healthy.

Provide plenty of rest to Newborn

Provide plenty of rest to your newborn baby. A newborn baby below 3 months need to sleep more then 16 hours a day. Don’t disturb during your baby sleep. Keep silence. Maintain room temperature little more then the normal. Before into bed use baby powder for your baby. During sleep alter the position. If you found your baby head is not well circular use mustard seed pillow. It helps to re-size your baby head. To prevent your baby from mosquito use mosquito net in place of mosquito mats.

Consider Breastfeeding

Consider breastfeeding your newborn. During the time of first 3 months mother need to consensus about her healthy & hygienic diets. Remember mothers milk is the best food for your baby. With mother milk after 6 months you can give rice, dal, boil egg, boiled vegetables like Carrot, Papaya, Potato, Raw Banana & Beans.

After 6th month Formula Feeding

After newborn is in 6 month with breastfeeding consider formula feeding. There are several products available in market. Consult your doctor for better formula feeding. For homemade formula feeding fry Chuda for 5 minutes. Then grind this. Use this power with milk. Sterilize new bottles before into the mouth of your baby. Feed your baby in every 2 or 3 hours or whenever your baby seems hungry.


Massage your baby well weekly 2 to 3 times. By consulting a Pediatrician use healthy message oil. If you are in winter burn some wood sticks & provide little warm to your baby including oil Massage.

While handling your baby be careful to support his/her head and neck. Wash your hands well before you handle your baby. Avoid shaking your baby.

Use light Cotton Dress & Nappy

At night time use light cotton dress & nappy for your newborn baby. Babies do urine 2 to 3 times in a night. Using nappy you can keep your baby dry. Nappy helps to protect many skin disease.

Bath Everyday

Bath your baby everyday. Take little warm water. Use gentle baby soap for cleanness. After bath dry your baby well. Give some punch of salt. It protect from cold fever.


Weekly twice cut nails of your baby using nail cutter. Don’t use blade. Keep clean your baby ears using bud. Use good ear drops once in a month. To clean your baby tongue use glycerin & clean cotton. Using a bud clear keep your baby nose wholes carefully.


A Vaccine іs essentially аn injection. Ноwеvеr іt соntаіns germs аnd disease causing antigens. Ѕо whаt dо wе inject оur child wіth thеm? Тhеsе antigen аrе weakened versions оf thе actual disease causing оnеs аnd allow thе child’s immune system tо fight bасk. Тhіs allows thе child tо develop thе rіght antibodies іt nееds tо fight thеsе antigens. Ѕо іn thе future іf thе child іs attacked bу thе sаmе antigen thе body’s immune system will bе ready wіth thе rіght antibody tо fight аnd prevent thе disease. Be particular about vaccination. Don’t ever ignore this.

Purchase Healthy

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