Automated Cloud Telephony Service for Business

In the world of fast technology, the needs of businesses are increasing to meet the demands of customers in the best possible way. Organizations are finding better ways of communication so that they can interact with the customers from any place irrespective of time and location. Seeing the emerging needs of the businesses, the new and enhanced technology “Cloud Computing” was developed which characterize a definitive milestone for the future of data center in the cloud. It also acts as a turning point in the dynamic business relations between services providers and customers. The term cloud computing refers to an internet sharing resources in which a glut of different services- server, storage are delivered to an organization over the internet to handle applications.

There are practically unlimited applications of cloud computing which performs the entire task, a normal computer can do. Some example of telephony applications in the cloud are hosted IVR, call tracking, voice broadcasting etc.

One of the most useful applications of cloud technology is “Cloud Telephony” which is driving the business towards better future by eliminating the costs and responsibilities of storing a large amount of data of traditional premise-based phone systems. Cloud Telephony gives an integral solution for every communication setback that usually a large size business encounters. Cloud Telephony, an automated and inventive solution for phone or call management businesses delivers a mechanized telephone application to any phone regardless of time and location.

Cloud Telephony acts as a base platform to create unified communication with customers over phone, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software or internet. It has been primarily used for large and small size businesses such as advertising, human resources and e-commerce. It offers you more flexibility than traditional phone system and also it provides you fast, simple and affordable services which can connect large number of people at once from any location without any interruption.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony

There are numerous benefits that cloud telephony offers to the businesses:

Cost Efficient: With Cloud telephony services you can save the hardware cost required in repairing the phone system as changes and repairs can be made remotely unlike the on-premise phone systems. Hence, cloud telephony is less expensive than on-premise based phone systems.

Ease of Support: It reduces your burden of ongoing maintenance and upgrades of on-site tools or PBX (Private Branch Exchange) box which takes up a lot of space hence cloud telephony frees you from managing physical hardware.

Fast and Mobile: Cloud telephony services can connect multiple people simultaneously and quickly from any location. Through cloud telephony’s functionality you can, alter answering rules, leave automated voice messages, connect to various numbers at once, drop the calls, intimate customers about bill payment and also track and analyze the daily report of the calls.

Flexibility: Cloud telephony services allow you to easily organize, design and host your own telephony applications such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) on the cloud. It also empowers any application developer to add telephony application on his/her app.

Easy Functionality: The user interface of cloud telephony is user friendly with attractive icons and graphics which streamline the entire phone call management. You can easily make conference calls, adjust and route your phone system and also with hosted VoIP (Voice Over Service) you can operate the call remotely from office or sitting at home.

Cloud Telephony for Businesses

The different services define how cloud telephony services are used for businesses in order to have better and seamless communication.

Outbound Calls for Interactive Broadcasting: You can call customers automatically to confirm the delivery time of the product scheduled through cloud telephony’s unique option to get connected with live agent to greet your call.

IVR for Routing Inbound Calls: If you want your customers to check the status of an order placed through IVR (Interactive Voice Response) phone menus then through cloud telephony’s virtual call center, they have an option to call and speak to the home-based agent.

Tracking Missed Call Data: You can also view the number of missed calls you received from a TV business, pay-per-click campaign and newspaper advertisement by customizing the call.

Toll Free Numbers: Also your customers can call you anytime through cloud telephony services for any reason such as support, sales etc without thinking or hesitating on the cost of the call.

Cloud Call Center: Through Cloud Telephony you can divert the calls to different teams efficiently with minimum cost.

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