Akansha Sharma found guilty in defamation Case filed by her Mother in law

Akansha Sharma found guilty in defamation Case filed by her Mother in law

“Karma got its own ways to hit back to its subject”! This can rightly be added in context of the recent verdict by the court judicial magistrate which summoned Akansha Sharma, the so called “victim” in a criminal case filed by her mother in law Shabnam Singh.

It’s worth mentioning here that the court has found Akansha Sharma, estranged wife of younger brother of Yuvraj Singh, guilty of defaming the Singh family in the first look. As per the statement by Shabnam’s Lwyer Dmanbir Singh Sobti, “The court on the complaint of Shabnam Singh on the basis of the reliable cogent evidence placed by her on record has arrayed Akansha as an accused and ordered her to face trial on the criminal charge of Defamation”.

This can certainly be called as a relief to the Singh family which has always believed that they have been just falsely dragged by Akansha into the controversy without any fault. Moreover, the family always put their faith in law and they have got their deserved verdict for the same. Mr Sobti further adds that,” Akansha Sharma has been summoned to face trial as an accused under section 500 IPC (defamation).

Sobti also states that his client Shabnam Singh has filed the case because Akansha didn’t only defamed the Singh family in the Bigg Boss show, but even when she came out of it, she spilled dirty beans against them. This has further led to mental trauma for the whole family.

As per Mr. Sobti, “Now she has to come to court and furnish bail bond and face trial as court has now summoned her as an accused to proceed further with the trial in same manner”.