Units of Measurement & Metric Conversion Table in Details

Units of Measurement & Metric Conversion Table in Details

Starting from a glossary shop to geometry every where we required units of weights & measures. Without these knowledge any one can cheat us easily. Before paying money we need to know what every the quantity we are purchasing that is accurate. To measure quantity units are the key. In this session I am with all kind of day-to-day use Units of Measurement and Metric Conversion Table. You can use this cheat sheet to learn units of various measurements. In below I have units for length, Area or Surface, Volume, Capacity, Mass & Geometric formulas. These information can also be used for physics to mathematics.

Units of Length

1 agate (typography)=.07 inch=.18 centimeter
1 angstrom=.0000001 mm=.000000004 inch
1 cable’s length=720 feet=219.46 meters
1 chain (engineer’s)=100 feet=30.48 meters
1 chain (Gunter’s or Surveyor’s)=66 feet=20.12 meters
1 cubit=18 inches=45.72 centimeters
1 degree (geographical)=69.05 miles=111.12 kilometers
1 decameter=10 meters=32.81 feet
1 fathom=6 feet=1.83 meters
1 hand=4 inches=10.16 centimeters
1 league=3 miles=4.83 kilometers
1 light-year=5,880,000,000,000 miles=9,462,684,000,000 kms
1 link (Gunter’s or Surveyor’s)=7.92 inches=20.12 centimeters
1 link (engineer’s)=1 foot=.31 meter
1 micrometer=.001 millimeter=.000039 inch
1 micron=.001 millimeter=.000039 inch
1 mil=.001 inch=0.3 millimeter
1 millimicron=.000001 millimeter=.000000039 inch
1 nanometer=.000001 millimeter=.000000039 inch
1 nautical mile=1.15 miles=1.852 kilometers
1 perch or pole=16.5 feet=5 meters
1 point (typography)=0.1 inch=.35 millimeter

Units of Area or Surface

1 are=100 square meters=1,076.39 sq. feet
1 square (building)=100 square feet=9.29 sq. meters
1 square chain=4,356 square feet=404.69 sq. meters
1 square link=62.73 square inches=404.69 sq. cms
1 square perch=272.25 square feet=25.29 sq. meters
1 square pole=272.25 square feet=25.29 sq. meters
1 township=36 square miles=93.24 sq. kms

Units of Volume

1 cubic inch=.00058 cubic foot=16.39 cubic cms
1 cubic foot=1,728 cubic inches=28.32 cubic dms
1 cubic yard=27 cubic feet=.76 cubic meter
1 cubic millimeter=.001 cubic cm=.000061 cubic in.
1 cubic centimeter=1,000 cubic mms=.06 cubic inch
1 cubic decimeter=1,000 cubic cms=61.02 cubic inches
1 cubic meter=1,000 cubic dms=35.31 cubic feet
1 stere=1 cubic meter=35.31 cubic feet

Units of Capacity (Liquid)

1 barrel=31 to 42 gallons=117.34 to 158.98 liters
1 cubic foot=7.84 gallons=28.32 litters
1 cubic inch=.55 fluid ounce=.02 centiliter
1 decaliter=10 liters=2.64 gallons
1 gallon (British Imperial)=1.20 gallons (U.S.)=4.55 litters
1 gill=4 fluid ounces=.12 centiliter
1 minim=.002 fluid ounce=.06 milliliter
1 quart (British)=1.20 quarts (U.S.)=1.14 liters
1 tablespoon=.5 fluid ounce=1.45 centiliters
1 teaspoon=1.33 fluid drams=4.92 milliliters

Units of Capacity (Dry)

1 barrel (standard)=105 quarts=115.61 liters
1 barrel (cranberries)=86.70 quarts=95.46 liters
1 bushel (U.S.), struck measure=32 quarts=35.24 liters
1 bushel (U.S.), heaped=40.9 quarts=45.03 liters
1 cubic inch=.015 quart=.016 liter
1 cord (firewood)=128 cubic feet=3.62 cubic meters
1 cubic decimeter=1 liter=.91 quart
1 peck=8 quarts=8.81 liters
1 pint=.5 quart=.55 liter
1 quart (U.S.)=67.2 cubic inches=1.1 liter
1 quart (British)=1.032 quarts (U.S.)=1.036 liters

Units of Weight or Mass

1 assay ton=29.167 grams=1.03 ounces
1 carat=200 milligrams=3.09 grains
1 decigram=100 milligrams=1.54 grains
1 decagram=10 grams=.35 ounce
1 dram (apothecaries)=60 grains=3.888 grams
1 gross hundredweight=112 pounds=50.802 kilograms
1 gross ton=2,240 pounds=1,016 kilograms
1 long hundredweight=112 pounds=50.802 kilograms
1 long ton=2,240 pounds=1,016 metric tons
1 microgram=.000001 gram=.000000035 ounce
1 ounce (apothecaries)=1.097 ounces (avoirdupois)=31.10 grams
1 ounce (troy)=1.097 ounces (avoirdupois)=31.10 grams
1 pennyweight=24 grains=1.555 grams
1 point=.03 grains=2 milligrams
1 pound (apothecaries)=.823 pound (avoirdupois)=.37 kilogram
1 pound (troy)=.823 pound (avoirdupois)=.37 kilogram
1 scruple (apothecaries)=20 grains=64.79 milligrams
1 stone=14 pounds=6.35 kilograms

Geometric Formulas

b = base; C = circumference; d = diameter; h = height; l = length; r = radius; w = width; pi = 3.1416


Area = pi x r square
Area of Sector = 1/2r x length of arc
Circumference = pi x d or 2 x pi x r
Diameter = C / pi
Radius = C / 2 x pi


Volume = 1/3 h x (area of the base)

Cylinder or Prism

Volume = h x (area of the base)

Cube or Rectangular Box

Volume = 1 x w x h


Area = 1 x w


Area = 1/2 b x h


Surface Area = C x d
Volume = 1/6 (surface area) x d
Circumference = 3.8978 x qube root of volume
Diameter = 1.2407 x qube root of volume
Diameter = .56419 x square root of surface