Trimester wise Pregnancy Diet Chart for Pregnant Women

Trimester wise Pregnancy Diet Chart for Pregnant Women

Planned Pregnancy Diet Chart brings better generation. Pregnancy is a journey of ten months. In this ten months journey your womb generates a life. For your kid all the initial developments like brain or bones happens in-side the womb. During your pregnancy intake of proper vitamins & quality diets helps in the better development of your hidden treasure. To explain better we divided this ten months into 3 Trimester. These are the months one to third, third to sixth & sixth to the date of delivery.

In the early Trimester of pregnancy after egg fertilization placenta takes place. With the completion of first month your baby is like a grain of rice. Second month is the initial stage where it grow big. Face, base of ears, origin of hands & legs, root of fingers & toes developed during second & third month of pregnancy. With the end of third month your baby is 7 to 10 centimeter long with 25 to 30 gram weight.

During Trimester 2 in the months of 4th, 5th & 6th including the growth of ears, nose, hands, legs, toes & fingers additionally brain, nerves & genitalia system develops. Finally in the stage of third Trimester bones & the physical growth happens to the baby. Here I discussed the above because of the diet plan. Depending upon the Trimester & the area of developments we have to plan our diet. Let us discuss more on this.

Pregnancy Diet Chart for Trimester

Trimester I (1st month to 3rd month) – Only regular diets are not sufficient for a pregnant lady. You have to think in your intake your baby is a partner. In the early stage of your pregnancy give priority to eat calories rich foods. Intake of 300 gram calories per day generates healthy sign in a pregnant woman. To guide you few calories rich foods are Salmon, Butter fish, Tuna, Milk, Dairy products, Eggs, Wholewheat Pasta, Pomegranate Juice, Pineapple Juice, Macadamia Nuts, Meat & Dried Fruits. With calories take 70 gram protein everyday. Top protein rich foods are hemp seeds, edamame, yogurt, cottage cheese, Quinoa & shrimp. During Trimester I eat more green vegetables. Drink sufficient water in the day & while going to bed at night drink a glass of milk.

Trimester II (3rd month to 6th month) – As we discussed above Trimester II is the time to bones & brain development. In 3rd, 4th & 5th months with your regular diets give priority to consume more calcium & iron rich foods. Few of the calcium rich foods are Green Vegetables, Orange juice, Spinach, Mushroom, Milk, Soybeans, Yogurt & Cheese. For iron rich foods you can eat Bananas, Beans, Tofu, Spinach, Beef & Cereals. During this period skin development happens to the baby.

To develop more whiten skin for your baby consume Saffron regularly from 3rd month to 9th month. Every day twice with little warm milk mix Saffron & Drink. Including diets plan take calcium & iron capsules for Trimester II.

Trimester III (6th month to the date of delivery) – This is the last phase of your pregnancy. During end of 6th month your baby is formed successfully. Rest duration is for your baby better developments. During Trimester III eat Whole grains, Beans, Salmon, Eggs, Vegetables, Fruits & Berries. Weekly once eat Meat & once Fish. Continue the intake of Calcium & Irons.

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