A real mallu Aunty Story with hot Indian Aunties Photos

A real mallu Aunty Story with hot Indian Aunties Photos

Online Dating brings exclusive relationship. There are many Indian Aunties Lovers. In the age of my first job I am in Chennai. I have a rented house near to my office at Adyar. My office timing is 9 am to 6 pm. Due to Non-AC at home I & my two more colleagues move to our office after dinner to sleep. In which room we are sitting to work on day time, at night we sleep in that room. So Computers are there & we have access to faster internet. Nearly up-to early morning we do chats, traveling through many websites, learning some programming skills etc etc. To entertain you in below let me share A real mallu Aunty Story from my own experience.

One day when I am in Yahoo Chat room, I got a message from an unknown id outside from my Contact Database. I saw the id is saying she is female. I responded her with “asl pls.” I mean the common word in chatting age, sex & location. She sent “32 f Tambaram” (let you know Tambaram is a location in Chennai). I replayed back with “here 24 m Adyar”. She sent a smile & did chat for 10 to 15 minutes more. Then she signout from yahoo messenger.


I did internet for more few times & sleep near at 3 o clock. In morning I did discuss the chatting Aunty story with both those colleagues who are staying with me at night. All get excited and planned to ask her contact details & more about her with today’s chat. Near to 6:30 pm we three come back from office and prepared dinner for us. After dinner we moved to office.

I came online to chat that aunty again. But ohh sad, she is not online. Let us wait. Half an hour gone she did not came online so finally we do started net browsing. Nearly at 1 o clock she came online. Immediately I intimate my 2 colleagues that the aunty is online. They came to my desk. I told them not to disturb but sit silently.


I did started with “Hi”. Few times later she respond me with the same. I asked her name and get to know she is Priya. The husband of aunty Priya is working at Canada. She is alone before 10 months back. She want to meet me. I asked “Please share me your Contact Number”, my good luck she told I will give you my contact number but don’t call me any time you want. You can call me at afternoon only. I agree to her and finally I have her contact number. Before signout she told me to call her on next day at 1pm in afternoon.


Next day I did call at sharp 1 pm. Oh my god she is so beautiful & her voice is excellent. I told I did not believe Priya that you are a friend to me. She laugh and ask me to meet her in Tambaram. We planned to meet on coming Saturday. It happen & we are in touch for more then 1 years.

Days gone I can’t forget this event in my life. But truly saying Priya is my first hot Indian Aunty. Many of you are fan to hot Indian Aunties. Love to watch them, Love to hear them even Love to meet them too. In this page for fan’s of Indian Aunties I am sharing few unseen hot collections of sexy Indian Aunties. Hope you will Enjoy while watching.