How many Calories should I eat a Day? – List of High Calorie Foods

How many Calories should I eat a Day? - List of High Calorie Foods

Calories are like fuel for our body to perform basal metabolic rate & vital functions. Even during we sleep we required Calories. Calories includes Fat, Carbohydrate, Protein & Alcohol. Amount of Calories you need to intake per day depends upon gender, age & the amount of work load you render. Both low & high amount of Calories causes problem. Now definitely you are have a query “How many Calories should I eat a Day?”. Read below to Clarify.

So, it required for you to know the rate of Calories available per how much amount of foods. While planning your diet you required to calculate amount of calories you are taking. Proper intake of balanced Calories keep us healthy. Calories help to balance weight & excess body fat. It gives energy to render job. Refer to medical science it was found for a man in between the age 20 to 30 required 2,400 to 2,600 calories per day. Above 30 plus to 50 can take 2,300 to 2,500 calories per day. Above 50 it was healthy to intake 2,100 calories per day. For woman those want to loss excess weight they are suggested to intake maximum 1200 calories per day. Plan your diet & divide your whole day meal to slots.

To plan your diet look at the Calories Chart below. According to your choice you can take right mix of following foods. Only thing to make sure for men your Calories intake don’t need to exceed 2,300 & for woman 1,200 per day.

High Calorie FoodsMeasureCalories
Milk (Cow)90 ml50
Milk (Buffalo)45 ml50
Cheese15 gms50
Butter1 tbsp50
Ghee1 tbsp50
Apple1 small50 – 60
Banana1/2 medium50 – 60
Grapes20 small50 – 60
Mango1 small50 – 60
Musambi1 medium50 – 60
Orange1 small50 – 60
Cooked Cereal1/2 cup80
Rice Cooked25 gms80
Chapatti1 medium80
Potato1 medium80
Dals1 large katori80
Mixed Vegetables150 gms80
Fish50 gms55
Mutton1 oz75
Egg (Hen)2 pieces100
Biscuit (Sweet)15 gms70
Cake (Plain)50 gms135
Cake (Rice Chocolate)50 gms225
Dosa (Plain)1 medium120
Dosa (Masala)1 medium250
Pakoras50 gms175
Puri1 large85
Samosa1 piece140
Vada (Medu)1 small70
Biriyani (Mutton)1 cup225
Biriyani (Veg.)1 cup200
Curry (Chicken)100 gms225
Curry (Veg.)100 gms130
Fried Rice85 gms140
Pullav (Veg.)100 gms130
Carrot Halwa50 gms300
Jalebi20 gm100
Kheer100 gms180
Rasgulla150 gms140
Beer12 Fl. oz150
Cola200 ml90

After the above few of the High Calorie Foods are Oils & Fats (Beef Tallow, Fish Oil & Vegetable Oil), Nuts & Seeds, Dark Chocolate contains 70-85% Cacao, Dried Fruits, Fruit Juices (Prunes), Avocados, Cooked Wholewheat Pasta, Cow or Buffalo Milk, Goat’s Cheese, Dairy Products & Eggs of Hen, Cooked Meat Specially Beef & Cooked Oily Fish.