Home remedies to relax from Cold & Viral fever


Generally in the beginning of winter many of us suffer in Cough & Cold fever. This is due to sudden climate change. Those are having less immune power they can have more chance to affect with this fever. Cold fever also transmitted from one to another. So if you found some one near you is affected with Cold fever, stay careful. Avoid to use patient handkerchief, pillow & inhaler. Cold fever happens due to bacteria & parasites. If you come in contact with an infected person the parasites will transmit to your body. These parasites generates one kind of poison in our body. Which causes the WBC (While Blood Cell) to produce pyrogens. Pyrogens causes fever. During fever body raises above the normal temperature (99.7 Degree) & trying to kill the bacteria & virus.

Cold fever is a very Common disease. It happens occasionally. Whether treated or untreated, it takes some time (Nearly 2 & half days) to Cure. Symptoms of Cold fever are like Running nose, Cough, Congestion, Sneezing, Sore throat & Low-grade fever. During Cold fever you can feel normal body aches & a mild headache. So in this chapter let us discuss what are the best home remedies to relief you from Cold fever.

Stay Warm & Give rest to your Body

During Cold fever stay warm. Use room heater to increase room temperature little more then the normal. If you feel cold then take a blanket. As we told above in fever body is fighting against the viruses. Bed rest can give you more relief in cold fever.

Measure temperature in regular interval of Time

In Cold fever measure your body temperature in each 2 hour & keep it noted. If the fever is survive for more then 3 days visit your family doctor with the temperature recorded sheet. It helps the doctor to predict more about the fever & it’s treatments.

Take Steam Inhalation & Steam bath

To get relief from running nose & congestion take steam inhalation. In your steam inhaler add 1/2 glass of water with 1/2 spoon vicks. Switch on the inhaler & bring your nose forward to fetch the steam. Like steam inhalation Steam bath is a very effective home remedy for cold fever.

Take a bowl. Boil 1/2 litter of water with tea powder & Amrutanjan. During you boil the water put a cover on bowl. Make sure the vapors will not lick. Once the boiled water is ready take a blanket & cover your-self totally from open air. Keep the bowl inside covered blanket with you. Slowly open the cover of bowl. Let the steam flow inside the cover. In this way your total body will get steam. Do it for 15 to 20 minutes. During steam from bowl if you feel to stop in between cover the bowl slowly. Then with a little interval open it again. Keep this process continue still 20 minute. After 20 minutes remove the blanket & clean your sweat in a towel. Try this it will give you better relaxation in Cold fever.

Use Vapor rubs Massage

Tell your partner to massage Vapor rubs (VICKS) on your neck, back & chest areas. It creates love & gives relaxation in Cold fever. Vapor rubs massage clears cough & congestion problems. After massage or during massage if you feel to sleep. Sleep well.

Massage boiled Mustard Oil with Garlic pieces

In Cold fever this home remedy act like a medicine. Take 6 to 7 spoons mustard oil with 10 to 12 garlic pieces. Boil it well until the garlic pieces looks light brown. During your good night sleep massage this to your foots & legs well. This massage effects to reduce running nose, cold & cough.

Drink Desi Ghee

Desi Ghee helps to generate warmness in body. Regular practice to eat Desi Ghee can prevent you from Cold fever. During Cold fever take 2 spoons Desi Ghee in morning & evening.

Honey & Tulsi Leaves

If you are a baby (up to 9 years) and suffering from Cold fever. I can suggest you to take Honey. Honey help to fight viruses, bacteria & fungi. Mix 2 spoons honey with 7 to 10 Tulsi leaves. Take this 2 times a day.

Drink Ginger Tea to relax from Sore throat

In Cold fever sore throat is very common. Sore throat cause pain & cough. To relax from sore throat we love to drink hot drinks. Replace your normal tea with Ginger Tea. It’s more better if you add ginger to red tea rather than milk tea. Red tea acts like a strong beverage. Red tea with ginger gives relax in throat infection.

Chicken Soup

During Cold fever prefer to take Chicken soup, it help to generate heat in your body.

Black Pepper and Honey

Mix black pepper powder with 2 spoons honey. Once a Day eat this for 3 days.

Do Gargling to relax from Sore throat

Sore throat in Cold fever generates very odd feeling. The best home remedy for sore throat is Gargling. Take 1/2 glass of water, mix 30 gm Ginger, 1/2 spoon turmeric powder & 1 spoon salt. Boil this mixer until it look brown. Then cool it to 20 degree Celsius. Do gargling with this mixer for 3 times a day. I promise using this composition you will have better relaxation from sore throat during Cold fever.

Lemon for Cold Fever

Lemon is rich with Vitamin C. Intake of Lemon juice helps to increase body resistance. During cold fever take one glass of warm water add one lemon juice & one spoon honey in it. Drink this twice a day.

Bitter gourd roots

Bitter gourd roots are very effective to cure cold fever. Collect fresh roots of Bitter gourd. Prepare the roots as paste, mix an equal quantity of honey or tulsi leaf juice. Every night before sleep eat this once for 21 days. This medicine helps to cure from cold fever as well as generates body resistance against cold fever.

Drink lots of fluids

Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. The fluids should be caffeine & sugar free. Water and broth soups are excellent choices. During fever body ejects sweats. Drinking more water helps to cure early from Cold fever.