Desi Mallu Aunty hot Stories from Dark Golden Beach

Desi Mallu Aunty hot Stories from Dark Golden Beach

I can’t forget that evening. An ultimate experience. A unique smell & the alone Desi Mallu Aunty. Time near to 7 o clock me & my colleague decided to visit Golden Beach. We are from Adyar. Nearly at 7:45 we reach there. Evergreen Moon, Beautiful road lights, phonetic highway & chilled wind flow. We parked our vehicle & get in to the dark beach. This is for my first time to Golden beach. Nice to see many romantic couples & love birds. Enjoy few hours in beach & plan to leave before 11. Due to some personal work my colleague left me alone & travel towards Tambram.

Alone I plan to rotate few more time in beach. Purchase some ground nuts & while eating started walking on the footpath. Just near to the parking zone I found a beautiful Aunty smiling by watching me. I just smile a little & enter into the parking zone. When I came out from the parking zone with my vehicle I found that Aunty near to the exit gate asking lift to me. I stopped my vehicle & ask her where I will drop you. She said “You can drop me near Vimal Gardens”. I said OK & we both started towards Vimal Gardens. From Golden beach to Vimal Garden its the distance about 20 to 25 kilometers. I did started with slow musics. She coordinate me for a beautiful glossy. Request me to be her friend. Around 12 o clock we reach near at her home.

From her romantic gossipy I got to know she is a Mallu Aunty. It’s already late of the night I told her to leave with a phonetic good night message. She asked me my cell number & I saved her miss call.

Next day I discussed about that mallu aunty with my friends. Many one told many things. But I did not listen them. Evening near to 6 o clock that Mallu Aunty called me on my cell phone. Ask me am I free in the evening. When I asked why she told she loves to share time with me. During our telecon she invite me to her home for a hot coffee. She told me for the day she is alone at her residency. This is the suitable time to have a nice conversation. I plan to join her & started driving towards her residency. Nearly at 7:30 I reach there. She prepared a beautiful coffee & we both together enjoy the taste. Discussion going on up-to 9 o clock. When I plan to leave she request me to stay at night. I look at her and smile a little. Offered her to do dinner with me at my favorite restaurant. She agree to my proposal & we both move together toward the restaurant. With dazzling candle lights we completed our dinner & back to her residency. Enter to the bed room. Switch on the AC. In little warm bed light the night goes well.

This is my first mallu aunty with whom I have a pretty good friendship for more then 2 years. Later I changed the job. Now a day I am leaving in Mumbai. Specially in summer vacation some time I have a trip to the mallu aunty.